AlanDick has been the regional market leader, providing communications and infrastructure solutions globally for over 40 years. Renown for innovation and coupled with the delivery of quality products that have fulfilled the requirements of the telecommunication, broadcast, radar, security and surveillance domains since it’s inauguration in 1974.

The Al Bawardi AlanDick Middle East Group of companies was established in 1993 to cover the growth potential in the region that has exceeded all expectations and since become a global phenomenon. The resultant demands have dictated the development of a dynamic company culture with enthusiastic attitude and impressive project management exposure and skills.

Business Streams

Telecom cell towers - Dubai

Al Bawardi AlanDick offer a wide range of products & services tailored to telecommunications industry & support on-going telecom operators.

Oil & Gas

Our unique Oil & Gas experience allows us to support our clients with onshore & offshore communication, & surveillance solutions.

Airport & Seaport comunications
Airports & Seaports

We supply Regional Radar & Surveillance solutions to Airports & Seaports, & continue to provide solutions that cover increased traffic volumes.

Defense & Security for millitary and armed forces
Security & Surveillance

We provide bespoke solutions for security & surveillance for Military and Armed Forces among other sectors & maintain utmost privacy.

alandick broadcast towers

Al Bawardi AlanDick have a long standing presence in the Middle East providing Radio & Television broadcast solutions for the region.

Contact Details

T: +971 4 881 8300
F: +971 4 881 8292


Alan Dick ME FZE
731 St., Plot No. MOD 124
Between R/A # 6 & 7
(Back of Pampa Company)
Jebel Ali Free Zone
PO Box 61120
Dubai, UAE

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